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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

India trip is Over!

As you have read from the title, our trip to India has come to its end. As of December 9, Weston and I have been back in the United States. Sorry for the late update!   In india, we experienced many faith building trials and tribulations. After leaving the mountain town, we headed back to Cheyyar. Before reaching Cheyyar, our main friend and translator, Solomon, departed from us and did not return with us to his families home. His family is worried about him because he has not even called to let us know where he is. I know that he knows people so he is safe. Please pray that God gives him wisdom to do what is right in the sight of God, whether that means to remain where he is or to go back home. Weston and I were faced with a choice to make while in Cheyyar. We had many doors that seemed to be open, but as we prayed and fasted every door shut and we were left with a desicion: To leave India or help the Pastor in Cheyyar buy a van for ministry (the only way to do ministry with that pastor was to buy a van because he doesn't have one and taxis cost to much. We would have had to hand over $1,000.)We fasted and prayed, and of course, God spoke. Through many different ways He guided us back to the States. We have a vision to start a ministry that will focus on demonstrating the power of God in America, of making disciples, and bringing people to walk in the fullness of God filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom.
Please keep this in your prayers. We want to continue with our goal of prayer and the ministry of the Word, so we are praying that we will not have to get jobs, but can focus on discipleship, prayer, evangelism, and teaching the Word.

I sincerely thank all of you who have been supporting us financially and more importantly by prayer.
I love you all......and if you know me........I will probably be heading out on a mission trip sometime in the not to distant future!!

I love you with the affections of Christ.
In  Christ Jesus,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 8........Time is flying!!

Preaching the Gospel (11-24-10)

Another week in India gone! This mountain town ministry has been a little slower paced than what we are used to. We are spending a lot of money to live up here, and Weston and I have decided to head down the mountain this coming Sunday, if God permits. Above is a picture of me preaching the Gospel to some people in a neighborhood the night before thanksgiving. Some of them said they have never heard the Gospel before, so what a blessfull opportunity for me. Many of them responded to Word and accepted Jesus. I even did what the pastors say is not wise to do except in the churches: I told them that if they want to follow Jesus that He can be their only God. Also, God healed some of them of physical ailments through mine and Weston's hands. We are taking today, Thanksgiving, as a holiday and eating out at restaurants all day because we want one day of no Indian food, especially rice. We know and I think God agrees, that it would be a good morale booster for us, especially Weston as this is his first long term mission trip.Our health is fully recovered and we are feeling great. So praise God for all your prayers for our health. We need direction as to where or what God would have us do in the upcoming months. We are basically living week by week, and waiting for God to open the doors for us to walk in. A door might have opened in North India, but it is not the type of ministry we are interested in, though if God wants us to do it then He will give us a desire to do it. The ministry we want to do is that of the Apostles, prayer and the ministry of the Word. For I know that God has given me a mouth to teach and preach the Word of God, as well as weston. Please keep us in prayer for guidance, that God would keep opening doors to preach the Gospel, for Weston as he has been praying for the gift of prophecy, that I would continue to walk in the gift of prophecy God has given me, that our ministry would be in demonstration of the power of God. Also keep praying for our safety from the evil one because we have only been in India for 2 months and have experienced so many different trials and attacks, though we are rejoicing in them because God is able to manifest his power in our weeknesses and these times are building our faith and character. Thanks to alll for everything.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 7...........fighting through!

Cute Kid  making funny face.(house visit ministry)

This last week was extemely challenging. Me, Weston, and Solomon(our third teamate for the time being)  have been sick. Weston had to visit the hospital on tuesday, november 16. He was extremely ill and had to be connected to an I.V. to be rehydrated. We have a a different experiance here in this town. Weston and I have basically been used to change a pastors perspective and heart.  After I questioned the ministry and the difficulties we have been facing having to do with finances and housing, he changed his tone and said some things that were not godly at all.  We made a dsicion after what he said that we are done with ministry in this town, but God used me to basically lovingly rebuke him and correct him in his error, then all of the people we are with begged us to reconsider and stay. After prayer, we decided to stay. After that incident, they have all been giving us much more honor and respect because they see that our hearts are for Jesus. They now ask me questions about the bible and things of christianity. I have been used like crazy in this place for teaching the Word of God and giving prophetic words. Almost every house we enter, God gives me a word to speak in order to reveal hearts. One house we walked in, I was told by God that at night the lady was experience much fear. He also told me the reason for the fear, it was because she was keeping a secret and not taking it to God, almost as if a hidden sin. After I told her these things, she was lightly tearing, and said that it is all true. Please pray that I continue to walk in the power of God and Weston also.Our minisry here seems to be more directed to encouraging and strengthening believers. One man was Roman catholic for 40 years, and God used me to reveal to him, from the bible,that we are not to pray to Mary, but God alone. He intenlty listened to all that I spoke with an open mind. He then changed his mind and even wanted to get rid of his catholic bible. I will be visiting him again on saturday to encourage him more and see if truly he has changed his perspective. God has been with us every step of the way showing Himself strong on our behalf because our hearts are loyal to Him (2 Chronicles 16:9). The first ministry we departed from, we ended up losing $1,600, but a couple of days ago, I recieved word that someone in America had deposited $1,600 into my bank account. Praise Jesus!! He revealed to us that our decision to leave the previous ministry was guided by His Spirit, and that we made a correct choice. Through all our difficulties on this trip we are like minded, in that, Weston and I only want to preach the gospel, encourage believers, build the church and advance the kingdom of God. Because our hearts are only for these things, we know that every choice we make is made with the correct heart, so then we know that God will honor our choices and ministry. Keep us in prayer for these things and also to know where we are to go after this mountain town ministry is over, which is probably less that 2 weeks.
Thank you all for everyithing,
In Christ

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 6....India ministry continues!

Incredible shot of Weston and the Indian Ocean skyline. (Kovalam city)

After spending 5 wonderful days seeking God's will  in a beach city called Kovalam, Weston and I have decided, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, to remain in India. Exactly how long, I don't know. What I do know is that God has opened and led us through a door to do ministry in a different type of environment. We just arrived to a town in the mountains. The weather is much much colder, in fact, we have to wear jackets and shoes, especially at night. We love it. For me, to be cold in India is strange. We will begin village ministry once again on  thursday November 11th. We will be in this mountain town for about a month. We will be the first foreigners to ever have preached in many of these villages. Weston is sharring a message this Sunday in the church. I think God is giving me an opportunity to teach a small group (about 10) of new believers every weekday for about an hour. That is an area where I love to do minisry as I feel and am confident that God has gifted me to be a builder and encourager for the faith. Thank you all for your prayers through our difficult, but faith building situation. Thank you all for all your support in finaces as well, because if finances run out then we may have to return to the states. Please keep the things mentioned in this update in your prayer
 I love you all with the affections of Christ.

Below is an image of the mountain town and a link to a new video!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 5...some Changes!

There has been some major changes in our ministry. We have decided to leave the original ministry we were under here in India. Some things happened and it was in our best interest to leave the ministry. At the current moment we are praying and asking God if He would have us leave India or not. We must make our decision
within the next few days. We are currently taking a 5 day long vacation and waiting to hear an answer from the LORD. Our minisrty was going good in Cheyyar....one lady invited us to come pray for her in her house.
Inside was a lady who had not walked for 8 months. Weston and I prayed over her ernestly....then we asked God to give us confirmation....we both felt sure that Gos was going to heal her so we helped her up on her feet and she was slowly walking around her house with someone holding her arms. She then sat in a chair. Her family said that was the first time she walked and sat in a chair for 8 months. Praise Jesus!!! So pray for us as we make this decision that God will direct us loudly....because we will not leave India unless God realy shows us thats what He wants. Thank you all for your concern and prayers in Love!

God Bless!

2 more video links below!!



Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 4 In India!

Super clear close up of a cool looking beetle! Picture came out great!

We finished our first week of ministry. Many, many souls are being added to the kingdom of God! God has been Using me to heal many sicknesses and body pains.......I love it!!  I prayed for a lady in a village, as is our custom after preaching, and she had a lot of body pains. I asked God to heal her as I prayed for her in faith, then after praying she walked away. I then prayed for someone else. After that prayer the lady came back waving her hands over her arms and sides and looking verey excited saying, "I have no more body pains and I want to come to church." We are currently staying with a family: Pastor Aaron, his wife Veronica, his sons Solomon and Benny. This family, especially the adults, are the greatest example of servanthood and carring hearts I have ever seen. They are constantly making sure we are happy and comfortable: icecreams, the mother washes our clothes, they feed us like kings( we almost never feel hungry), sodas, tea all the time, and many other ways as well. Please pray for them and their ministry. The survive strictly on the tihes that come in and do not recieve overseas support as many of the other pastors do. Weston and I get along great.
We are spending much time in prayer and the word. Please pray that our ministry continues to be fruitfull as we do different dramas (skits), gospel preaching, teaching in churches, pray for many people daily laying our hands on their heads, visiting houses for lunch or dinner, encouraging new believers with prochecies and scriptures, sharring Jesus with hindus....and whatever else we do at random.
Thanks to all in the name of Jesus Christ!

Below are links to 2 new videos:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Ministry Begins!

Cheyyar Church

We have been in India now for 2 weeks and 1 day. We are staying at a friends house named Solomon in the town of Cheyyar for one month. This town is not as hot and there are a lot less mosquitos than in Thiruvanammalai where we were staying before.Praise God!!  Last night, sunday night October 17, we went to our first village for ministry. We have been praying a lot for God to move...and of course, He did! The gospel was preached and 8 PEAPLE RESPONDED!! Praise the LORD. That is 8 souls released from the bondage of satan's grasp. We also did 2 childrens type ministry in the 2 villages we visited. God gave us some quik improv and we were able to do a skit about David and Goliath. The children were excited and Jesus was Glorified even in them. That morning prior to the village ministry, we had a church service, Weston brought the word for his second time....the guy has the gift of teaching and he is growing in his gift at a rapid rate. The day before that, we had a time of prayer and fasting with the chucrh. It was amazing to pray and fast and worship with over 20 Indian believers. We will be doing village ministry this whole week and every day except mondays, our sabbath day. Keep us in prayer as we switch off on preacing the gospel in the villages and teaching the word of God in the Church. Below is a link to a new video and to an old video. Thank you!
In Christ